Owner: Asheesh Dewan
Chef: Sunil Ghai


This cutting-edge contemporary Indian restaurant is the original of a steadily growing chain run by Asheesh Dewan, who now has popular and busy Jaipurs in Dalkey, Malahide, Greystones and   Ongar.

Each Jaipur looks entirely different from the other and it’s all about good taste, both in surroundings and food. Jaipur on South Great Georges St has established a reputation for the standard of its cooking but also has all the essential qualities to make it a really delightful place to eat. The welcome is warm, the well dressed tables are generously spread throughout the room, the decor is pleasant and relaxing and the menu is both Indian and imaginative.

Jaipur is a restaurant that pushes the boundary a little when it comes to cooking. This is not a curry house in any ordinary sense of the word, it serves sophisticated modern Indian cuisine that relies more on subtlety of flavour than fiery chilli to impress; for example the Nalli Gosht, slow cooked lamb shanks on the bone in a medium curry sauce intrigues rather than burns.